Effect of Forward Speed and Soil Type in Massey Ferguson Tractor (Model 290) Performance

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Mohammed Ahmed AbdElmowla Ahmed
Abu Bakr Al-Sayed


This study was conducted  by the faculty of  Agriculture - University of Nile Valley  during  winter 2018/2019 to study the effect of three tractor forward speeds (5,7 and 9 km/h) on the performance parameters of the tractor (the draft force, wheel slippage, fuel consumption, field capacity and field efficiency). Tractor performance test was carried out when linked to three implements, which are disc plow, a disc harrow and ridger. The study was carried out on two different locations, location one has a sandy clay soil while location two has a clay texture. The results showed that the draft force, wheel slippage, effective field capacity and fuel consumption increased with an increase in speed. The disc plow with speed (9 km/hr) recorded the highest values of draft force and wheel slippage, while the ridger recorded the lowest values of these parameters for the same speed, except for effective field capacity. The ridger with speed (9km/hr) recorded the highest values of effective field capacity, while the disc plow recorded the lowest values of this parameter for the same speed. The Three implements with speed three (9 km/hr) recorded different values of fuel consumption. The statistical analysis showed that, the effect of forward speed was significant at a 1% level, while the effect of the implementing type showed no significant differences. The experiment was arranged in a completely randomized block design with three replicates.

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AbdElmowla Ahmed , M. A., & Al-Sayed, A. B. (2022). Effect of Forward Speed and Soil Type in Massey Ferguson Tractor (Model 290) Performance. Diyala Agricultural Sciences Journal, 14(2), 33–42. https://doi.org/10.52951/dasj.22140204