Fisherfolks’ Perception on Artisanal Fishing Enterprise in North Central, Nigeria

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John Oluwaseun Ifabiyi
Rashid Solagberu Adisa


The study identified the fisherfolks’ perception of artisanal fishing enterprises in    North-Central, Nigeria. Information were collected with the use of questionnaire and analysed using frequency count, percentage, mean score and Pearson Product Moment Correlation (PPMC). The result revealed that 68.4 % of the respondents preferred fishing grounds, about 59.4 % of the respondents preferred group discussion and visit by extension agents and about 61.5 % of the respondents preferred radio. About 38.9 % of the respondents indicated the evening as the preferred time to acquire training. The result showed that 92.8 % of the respondents had knowledge of the basic safety and precaution measure. Fish products should be free of any chemical (x ̅=4.47) was the highest-ranked perception statement. The result revealed that there is a significant relationship between the respondents’ perception of fishing enterprise and knowledge of sustainable fishery practices (r= 0.119; p= 0.001) at 1 percent level of significance. The study recommended that there should be the provision of training in the low knowledge areas on sustainable fishery practices and extension service delivery should be timely.

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Ifabiyi, J. O., & Adisa, R. S. (2022). Fisherfolks’ Perception on Artisanal Fishing Enterprise in North Central, Nigeria. Diyala Agricultural Sciences Journal, 14(2), 143–151.